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Episode 19: Conversation with Jason Huggins of 5&aDime

May 27th, 2020

I had the pleasure of having a conversation with Jay from 5&aDime. When I think about 5D, I think of it as a Streetwear Staple. For many, 5D was the introduction to the world of street culture. Pre Hypebeast, and possibly even pre-term "streetwear." 5D is a pioneer of the genre, and definitely a driving force in their Hometown of San Diego.

If you are in to the culture like I am, you will appreciate a candid discussion with one of the curators of street culture in SD. We talk beginnings, family, mental, and even about this tough ass city we call San Diego.

Thanks for checking out the episode. Stay Safe and Support your local businesses. 

For more info on 5&aDime

We recorded this episode via phone during the Stay at Home Orders so please excuse any technical difficulties or weird cuts. I threw in the theme song as a marker of where we cut out so you knew it wasn't a mistake and just a flaw with my connection.

Episode 18: Conversation with Chikle

May 11th, 2020

We get to speak to Father, Husband, Artist, Educator, Business Owner, Activist, and amazing Human, Chikle. This guy truly does do it all, and it is always a pleasure talking to him. We get to catch up and talk life during these Shelter In Place orders. We discuss life, adapting to the situation, and the future. Hit play and stay a while.

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Episode 17: Conversation with Ron Recaido / The Kwento Thesis

April 29th, 2020

As we are still on Stay at Home Orders in California, I wanted to check in with some people in the community for two reasons. One, for some awareness of some amazing people. Two, to see how other people are dealing with this situation. 

I had the pleasure to speak to Ron Recaido, aka The Kwento Thesis. We discussed his introduction to art, life influences, and how he is navigating through these times. Ron is definitely an inspiration on so many levels, thank you for taking the time to listen to his "Kwento Thesis."

Follow him on Instagram @thekwentothesis

Episode 16: Conversation with Matt “Bebop” Phelps

April 11th, 2020

We get a chance to talk to Freestyle Dancer/Instructor Matt "Bebop" Phelps about the current times. We discuss how he is adapting to the new parameters of Social Distance in his profession.

Matt Phelps on Instagram: @bebop_w7s


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Episode 15: Conversation with Jordan (Right Hand Signs)

April 7th, 2020

This is our first podcast of Conversations NOT at Hotel Charlie.It has been a minute since we have had a podcast. I couldn't think of a better time for us to pick it back up. I decided to catch up with Jordan of Right Hand Signs to see how he navigating through this current Pandemic. It is nice to hear a different mindset, and a few helpful tips for staying during these tough times.

I hope everyone is Healthy and Safe. I hope to see you soon.

Check out Jordan on IG @righthandsigns or at

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Episode 14: Conversation with Juan (Squeegee Prints)

September 16th, 2019

This week we got to sit down with someone that I am really inspired by both professionally and honestly, just as a person. Juan or better known as Squeegee Prints in the community is a Screen Printer and entrepreneur. We sit down and talk about screen printing of course, but also about some other his other passions as well. If you are like me at all, you can learn a little bit about how he scaled his business to be so well received and apply that to any business or craft that you are in pursuit of. So sit down, relax, and get to know Juan a little better.

Thanks for checking in to Hotel Charlie, enjoy your stay.

For more information on: Squeegee Prints

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Episode 13: Conversation with Russ (HC)

August 22nd, 2019

This time is a little different. We had our good friend Jerusalem Vice host our interview. We went from interviewer to interviewee. You can take a little trip with us as we discuss our history and some more insight on myself and the brand.

Episode 12: Conversation with Kahlee

July 28th, 2019

We sat down with one of the greatest assets to the Hip Hop community in our area. From being a musician, event curator, and family man, it was an honor to get to chop it up with Kahlee. We discussed the grind, and pushing yourself to put out great work and everything in between. Check in and get ready to hear some Gems.

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Episode 11: Conversation with Lprad

July 2nd, 2019

This weeks guest is Luis "Lprad" Prado. To say he is a BBoy isn't really a good explanation of all that he does. I would consider him a media creator/entrepreneur/BBoy, and that probably doesn't explain it all either. In this episode, we sit down and discuss the fine art of coffee making, paper straws, running a brand, and his events that he throws. So sit back and listen to a little about everything.

Episode 10: Conversation with Cali the Dreamer

June 24th, 2019

This weeks guest is not only a talented Recording Artist, but one of the most interesting people I have come across yet. It is refreshing to hear the honesty in regards to being a creative. The creative world has a lot to do with self belief and the inner demobs that weigh us down. This week Cali the Dreamer came through and we got to talk about his new album "No Turn Unstoned", his life influences, Law of Attraction, and so much more. This conversation blew my mind and gave me so much to think about. Definitely created some self awareness.

Thanks for checking out Conversations at Hotel Charlie, and hope you enjoy your stay.

Find Cali the Dreamer on all streaming platforms.

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